Has anyone ever heard of featurepoints? 

its an app that you can download on your iphone/ipad/android and all you do is download apps, let them run for 30 seconds and it rewards you with points. you can delete the app after you’ve gotten your points. you then exchange the points for stuff like paypal funds or gifts cards or games and shit. i mean don’t get me wrong it takes A LOT of points to make it worth while but its still nice. and you don’t have to pay for anything at all. all the apps are free and the featurepoints app is free. 

my only things is if you choose to sign up can you please do so by using my referral code? it would mean a lot to me and it gets you more credits the more people you get to sign up through your referral code. after you sign up you can refer people and if they use your referral code, you’ll get more credits as well. please consider doing so? 

link: http://featu.re/NDNSSP

my referral code: NDNSSP

Here is a screen shot of my points(3513) and some of the things i can cash in for. Let me know  if you have any questions? (:

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